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What We Do
Lonco Company Limited was established in 1984. We specialize in providing high quality electrical and electronics components for household appliances and telecommunications industries, as well as assembly equipment and material for motor manufacturing industry.

Lonco treats every customer as our business partner. We do not just buy and sell, but also provide efficient after-sales service and technical support by cooperation with our principal suppliers. In the past decade, we have developed new product range into high technology industry and extended our sales coverage to other Asian countries. As in Spring of 2006, our sales covered P. R. of China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and some European countries, like Denmark and the United Kingdom.

In order to strengthen our service to our “partners”, we established offices in Shanghai & Shenzhen of China, Seoul of Korea and Yokohama of Japan. These offices provide discussion of inquiry, fast response, after-sales service and technical advice to our “partners” all over Asia.
What We Deliver
We deliver exceed client expectations by providing all the service possible in a timely manner. We create long-lasting prosperous relationships with our client in order to help them in reaching their goal and objective.
Our Partner
Lonco Company Limited is your excellent partner for supply of electronic, electrical components and motor assembly equipment for "Automotive, Telecommunications, Household Appliances, Motor Manufacturing".

American & Efird, Inc Arcolectric
Asahi Bel Stewart
Bulgin CEKO
Fisher FT Sensata
Globe GTP
Haulick & Roos Hofmann
NEC Osawa
Polygon PPG
Pre-Met Sankei
SCHULER Star Technology
What's New
» Waterproof & Pluggable Connector Plug and Sockets (01-Aug-2010)
» Remote Controlled Wall-Mount for Flat Screen TV (01-Aug-2010)

Our Products
EXT 300 Circuit Breakers
PolyLube™ MRP Bearings
MicroGuard ®
Power Cords
Mechanical Timer
Terminal Block
PCB Plus - High Performance 300MHz
Wire routing plate 8 R for NT 8 x abs-Module
Category 6 Plugs
 Motor Manufacturing
Motor Manufacturing
Turntable Intermediate Forming Machine
Thermal Cutoff (SEFUSE)
Lamination High Speed Press
Wire Hardness Assemble
Lighting Assemble
PCB Assemble

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