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Lonco Company Limited was established in 1984. We specialize in providing high quality electrical and electronics components for household appliances and telecommunications industries, as well as assembly equipment and material for motor manufacturing industry.

Lonco treats every customer as our business partner. We do not just buy and sell, but also provide efficient after-sales service and technical support by cooperation with our principal suppliers. In the past decade, we have developed new product range into high technology industry and extended our sales coverage to other Asian countries. As in Spring of 2006, our sales covered P. R. of China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and some European countries, like Denmark and the United Kingdom.

In order to strengthen our service to our “partners”, we established offices in Shanghai & Shenzhen of China, Seoul of Korea and Yokohama of Japan. These offices provide discussion of inquiry, fast response, after-sales service and technical advice to our “partners” all over Asia.

Following is a brief descriptions of products and our 4 divisions:-

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES DIVISION - Aims at providing high quality electronic and electrical components for the household appliances industry. Mainly represent well-esteemed companies from all over the world.
Products include:
  • Power Supply - power cords, switches.
  • Industrial Material - teflon tube, silicone rubber tube, insulated paper sheet, ceramic tubes & blocks.
  • Control Device & Heater - thermostat, thermo protector, fuse, bi-metal, heating wire & ribbon.
  • Home Appliance Products Material - silver contacts, juice extractor nail plate, stainless steel cutter blade.
TELECOMMUNICATIONS DIVISION - Aims at providing high quality of electronic and electrical components for the telecommunications industry. Mainly represent Pre-Met UK, Stewart Connector Systems GmbH, Osram Sylvania, Inc. and Krone Communications Ltd., Fastron Sdn.
Products include:
  • UK telephone plug & sockets, American telephone plug & sockets.
  • Connectors, such as IDC type for computer networking.
  • Lan cable.
  • Electroluminescent phosphor powder.
  • Orgacon Screen Printing Pastes
MOTOR MANUFACTURING DIVISION - Aims at providing high quality assembly and peripheral equipment as well as material for the motor manufacturing industry.
  • Haulick + Roos Gmbh of Germany - High speed press, Lamination die.
  • Osawa Engineering Co., Ltd. of Japan - High speed transfer press.
  • Kinefac Corporation of U.S.A. - Shaft forming technology.
  • Electrostatic Technology, Inc. of U.S.A. - Integral insulation of motor iron.
  • Globe Products, Inc. of U.S.A. - Assembly and winding technology of starter and subfractional horsepower motor.
  • Joyal Products, Inc. of U.S.A. - Welding, fusing technology
  • Elmotec-Statomat Vertriebs GmbH - Assembly and winding technology of alternator and induction motor.
  • Mazzali SPA of Italy - Impregnation equipment for armature and stator.
  • American Hofmann Corp. of U.S.A. - Rigid, hard bearing armature balancer and automatic correction equipment.
  • MG of Italy - Rotor inspection system.
  • Fisher Data Products, Inc. of U.S.A. - Tester for armature, stator and motor.
  • Tecnomatic SPA of Italy - Assembly machines, transfer-special toolings and plants
  • Star Technology, Inc. of U.S.A. - Armature balancing putty.
  • First Technology, Inc. of U.S.A. - Current/heat sensitive bimetal protector.
  • Polygon Company of U.S.A. - Double insulation tube and commutator ring.
  • Ludlow Textiles Company, Inc of U.S.A. - Lacing cord.
  • E. C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc. of U.S.A. - Diamond cutting tool.
EL DIVISION - We are the official distributor of the largest EL Phosphor manufacturer in the world - Osram Sylvania, Inc. We believe quality excellence is the prime consideration of all.
  • Besides, we also supply a wide range of EL materials, such as ITO, Binder, etc.
EXPORT DIVISION - Aims at providing a best service (Quality Control, Process Control, Prompt Shipment and Competitive Price) for material sourcing, OEM Product/Design and Electrominescent (EL) products.
  • OEM Product & Design
  • PCB Assembly
  • Die Cast Handles
  • Spring
  • Timer
  • Connectors
  • Switches
  • Magnetic Switches
  • AC Power Cord
  • LAN Cable
  • USB/IEEE 1394 Cable
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Telephone Accessories
  • Electrominescent (EL) Products
  • Display / Backlights
  • Advertising Signs & Decorative items
  • EL Driver IC
  • Mobile Phone Keypads
  • Material Sourcing
  • Motors
  • CNC Machinery Parts
  • Motor Component
  • Shaft
  • Insulation Material
  • Commutator
  • Brush
  • Magnet
For more details about our products and service please contact us at: info@lnoco-asia.com
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